March 23, 2003

American Soldiers Allegedly Taken Prisoner

Al-Jazeera and Iraqi television have been showing a video with 5 alleged American prisoners of war. All appear to have been beaten, and were being interrogated by the media. The video also show several bodies of what appears to be American soldiers - all of the soldiers seem to have been shot execution style in the head accoording to people have viewed the video.

All of this would be a violation of the Geneva Convention.

The Pentagon says it does know of unaccounted for soldiers in the field, but knows of none taken prisoner. They say they do look to be consistent with US Soldiers - however the video is edited and is also consistent with Iraqi propaganda.

There is also the possibility that the video dates to Gulf War I.

This is consistent with the Hussein Regime and as one Marine put it to Colonel North yesterday "What kind of son of a b---- burns his own country?"

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They will be freed soon, hold on guys, we're on the way.

Posted by: Muddy at March 23, 2003 01:14 PM
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