May 01, 2003

Microsoft admits older software insecure and unreliable

(Muddy says, Swtich now to Linux or BSD if you know what's good for you.. unless you enjoy poor quality software)

10 weeks turns into a year

By Staff at the Newsdesk: Thursday 01 May 2003, 14:43

THE CONSTANT COMPLAINT from the Microsoft's detractors is that its software is full of bugs. And it's pretty hard to ignore the almost daily security warnings. So it's quite nice to hear the Vole of Redmond finally start admitting that its software is insecure and unreliable.

According to a story on CNN, Microsoft vice president S. Somasegar said Windows Server 2003 "took a much longer time because we did the right thing on security and reliability."
(Muddy says, *cough, cough* oh riiiiggghhhtttt... wait 4 or 5 years and you'll be saying.. server 2003 sucked and we knew it) That seems like a tacit admission that previous Microsoft operating systems were duff if ever there was one. That operating system was held back by a year because of bug fixing and security improvements. It's nice to know that Microsoft finally admits that the rest of its operating systems could have done with that extra year too.

It all came about because of the Vole's "Trustworthy Computing" scheme. It's not quite certain who is supposed to be trusted in the scheme but we're fairly certain it's not the customer. As part of the scheme, Microsoft spent 10 weeks last year teaching its employees all about planning and thinking about "quality."

Microsoft hopes that its customers will see a "huge improvement" with Windows Server 2003. It's early days yet. Anyone want to start a sweepstake on when the first major bugs focus points and security issues appear?

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