May 26, 2003

'Free' Linux movement should end (uh?)

May 21, 2003, 12:04 PM PT

In response to the May 19 Perspectives column by Bruce Perens, "The fear war against Linux":

(Ok, time for me to vent on this mindless Micro$oft drone -Muddy)

With all due respect, your fantasy world of so-called "free" software is about to end, God willing. (Wow, how much did Micro$oft pay you?, Free is always good, I suppose you'd like to pay for the air you breath? -Muddy)

This ridiculous movement (ridiculous because you don't understand it? yea... that's more like it) is nothing but a vain socialist attempt to marginalize the software industry. (Bwaaahahahahahaha... get over yourself twit) Moreover, it has been rather unpleasant to watch you and others over the past three years develop the single largest false advertising campaign in the history of commerce, knowing all along that it was pure chicanery. That is, touting that Linux is free when in fact all commercial (i.e. useable) versions are not. (LOL, I could not believe this, what planet is this dude from? I've been using Linux since 96' and have never paid for it, and have had FAR BETTER support than Micro$oft ever gave me -Muddy)

What a joke on the public it's all been. As a computer consultant for more than 21 years, (again, I ask on what planet? -Muddy) I have felt compelled to correct my customers when they attempt to inform me about Linux being "free." (you mean misinform, or as you should say, Lie to them. -Muddy) We all know that that is simply a big fat lie in the computer industry. I then proceed to tell them about Linux's hidden costs--and no technical support--and that it is essentially outdated 1960s technology. (Hidden costs?? Yea FREE is a Hidden cost I've overlooked, shame on me. No Technical Support?? Yea Man pages, and the thousands of awesome sites, mailing lists and such are of no help at all, LOL. Outdated 1960's technology? Is this guy talking about this Micro$oft windoze software that is based on Stolen 1960's technology or Linux which is NOT? Hmm... I think he's confused -Muddy)

Now I get the privilege, along with my dear friends at Microsoft, to tell my customers that code embedded within Linux was stolen or misappropriated and that they themselves can be held liable for using this rogue operating system. That's right. I will specifically emphasize to them that it a hacker-based operating system that was built with stolen intellectual property!
(LOL!!!!!! I don't know whether to be pissed off or saddened... this guy obviously has brain damage, I would suggest he seek professional help. -Muddy)

Bill Jeansonne
Bethesda, Md.

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if this can help Muddy, I can tell you I've read posts from people who actually believed :
- War against Irak would improve the national security of the USA
- Irak had weapons of massive destructions dangerous for the western world that the UN inspections would never be able to destroy.
- Iraki would be happy and willing to rebuild their country hand in hand one with another and with their american liberators.

Since then, some terrorist bombings have happened, no weapons have been found (perhaps there were none or very little), irakis though happy to be free from Saddam find it hard to work together and to work with US troops...

Rather than suggesting professional help, i would guess that this person is living in an environment who has strong interests to see linux fail (say corporate software industry) leading that person to believe and reinforce all the false messages it gets from its environment.
So my advice would be quit microsoft - the USA- or at least, try to listen to other channels than Microsoft papers - fox TV and cross compare informations.

Posted by: definitely french at May 26, 2003 11:20 AM

which not who... and other errors.
I love this game

Posted by: definitelyfrench at May 26, 2003 11:22 AM
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