October 18, 2003

Linux. The Future Is Open.

From IBM.com

Linux is like nothing else in the history of computing—the most unique innovation operating systems have ever seen. It's unprecedented integration. It's an open source operating system. Owned by no single company or private enterprise. Constantly improved by thousands of programmers. And it's getting bigger. Last year, according to the IDC, shipments of servers running Linux increased by 22.8%.

If Linux were a person, he would be growing, fast. Taught by the best. Gaining wisdom beyond his years. And sharing. He would be in business, education, government and homes. He would be a nine-year-old boy changing the world.

Download the Ad Here. (Mpeg format 8.31Mb)

*Muddy's Note* This is a great commercial, even if you don't get into Linux.

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Ah, that is beautiful.
Never before could I have dreamed that my beloved Linux and the Open Source community would get this kind of support from "Corporate America".

Posted by: muddy at October 19, 2003 07:11 AM
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