May 11, 2004

Graphic Abortion Dislay Takes to the Air and Highways

****Mrs. muddy's warning: If you decide you actually DO want to check out the rest of the 'The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform' website, I would HIGHLY advise that you do so withOUT children in the room. Really, that should go without saying but being a parent myself, I try *very* hard to cover ALL bases when it comes to the welfare of children. You have been warned.....*****

An anti-abortion group had an airplane fly over Southern California beaches towing a giant banner depicting what the group said were two photos of a 10-week-old aborted fetus. It is part of a national campaign that includes big rig trucks and billboards plastered with the same extremely graphic pictures.

Full Story @ CBR / Poynter Institute

Posted by Mrs Muddy at May 11, 2004 11:57 PM | TrackBack


Well, first of all, just to get it out of the way, I do NOT judge women who have/had an abortion as I do not believe that it could EVER be an easy decision to make. Besides, it is not our place *to* judge or to feel and act "Holier-than-thou" (for we are not) but instead, to love and comfort. Also, whether you are "pro-choice" or "pro-life" is also beside *my* personal point (though as always, anything could be up for discussion.). Now, I must say, that although I do understand what this group is *trying* to do as I also understand the message they're trying to get out, well, that is not my point either. The number one reason I even posted this article (which I believe to be a few years old anyhow) is that I have a HUGE problem with the tactics they use. Allow me to explain why:

I believe it was Wednesday of last week when I was out in our backyard playing with our children. I was pushing our youngest in the chair swing while our eldest was playing with toys and running around like a mad person enjoying the weather.....ahhh spring! There's not a day that goes by (in the spring, summer and early fall - that is) when an airplane with a banner attached to it does not fly over our neighborhood. As a matter of fact, our eldest is a pretty good reader and actually enjoys reading *all* the airplane banners as they come perfectly into view from our swingset.

"Mom, what is 1-800-safe auto?"
"Car insurance" I answer
"Mom, that sign says there's a new pizza place opening"
"Cool," I say, "but I like it better when daddy makes ours"

***5 minutes later:****
"mom, I'm going inside to get some toys and bring them outside. I'll be back."

It's at this moment that I will quickly be VERY thankful this child decided to go inside for more toys with which to clutter up the yard. For as this kid walks in the house, I hear yet *another* airplane overhead. This time, however, when I look up, I see a sign that says: "10 week abortion" with a picture displayed beneath it. At first, I'm so out of the mind set of the picture that is actually *on* the sign ( as I am *still* swinging our youngest back and forth in the chair swing ) that it takes a few seconds to register what the heck it is. Well, after a matter of seconds, it DOES register.....and complete disgust and anger shoots right through me. It *is* actually (or at least *suppossed* to be) a picture of an aborted fetus at 10 weeks of life that is displayed on this banner flying over our neighborhood. Now, like I said, our eldest was inside (but there *were* other children outside - in their respective yards) and our youngest can't even *pronounce* the word "airplane" yet, nor was this kid even looking up. But the fact of the matter is that If these people want to display this stuff at college campuses or at any other *Adult oriented* place/building - fine. BUT to take these pictures and display them in a family setting like *MY NEIGHBORHOOD* as well as above beaches and on the highways with trucks - then I have a SERIOUS problem with that!!!

I was so furious at this point that I even went to their website later that evening and left a comment on how they need to change their tactics (as if they'll listen) and basically (in certain tactful words) asked them to consider the welfare of exposing young children *to* these pictures. I informed them that they were infringing on MY right as a parent and putting me in a position to where I would be forced into explaining to my child the picture they see before them when they're not even old enough to proccess information on SEX yet!! Therefore taking away *mine* AND *Muddy's* choice *to* choose the proper time we feel is right for them to understand.

Posted by: mrs. muddy at May 12, 2004 12:05 AM

I thought exploiting a corpse is illegal in the 'civilized' world... I wonder if I would be allowed to put photos of my poop all over billboards and semi-trucks...
"*mine* AND *Muddy's* choice *to* choose "

Mrs Muddy: The right to choose is exactly what they oppose, unless of course they are the ones making the choice for everyone else.

Posted by: bennyhill1978 at May 13, 2004 02:22 PM

But they are saying that people should have a choice to take a human life. It's a baby that in all likelyhood would be born healthy and I can't see how that is any different from genocide.

If people don't want a baby then either a) use birth control in multiple forms b) don't have sex or c) give it up for adoption.

If I said hey poor people are such an inconvenience, and I don't want any of them so let's start killing them you'd say that's wrong. But you're perfectly okay with killing a baby, as long as it has not completely left the womb?

Posted by: skywalker at May 13, 2004 03:10 PM

Personally I oppose killing babies (and adults) in all cases including capital punishment and war. However, there are as many different situations as there are women and I believe in a womans right to choose what is going on with her body and her life. If someone doesnt agree with abortion then they should not have one. Nobody is pro-death, but these people plastering photos are anti-choice and anti-freedom. Every child should be wanted and it never hurt to plan for pregnancy and plan to have a baby at a time where you will be able to give it a good life.

birth control is not perfect (but it is much better than nothing-which is what the pope advocates), abstenance is completely unrealistic for America (sex is everywhere in our culture), adoption works for some but for others it is just the first step in a life in and out of various institutions. Life is hard anda child needs parents who are equipped to help them have a good life.

Posted by: bennyhill1978 at May 13, 2004 07:26 PM

Birthc ontrol is not perfect you are right, but the pill is over 99% effective for most people and even more so when used in conjunction with other methods of brith control. Sex is everywhere in out culture because of people encouraging it everywhere in our culture. So what you have said is that you're against killing people so long as they have lef thte womb, but still in the womb it is okay to kill them.

I have no problem with the death penalty or war. Why? People who get the death penalty are people who have no problem committing brutal murders. I personally think they should die the same way their victims died.

War is a sad but sometimes necesary thing. AFterall, what has war solved except fascism, nazism, slavery, the holocaust and various other problems, so we should never resort to war.

Posted by: skywalker at May 13, 2004 10:02 PM


"The right to choose is exactly what they oppose, unless of course they are the ones making the choice for everyone else."

Actually, I personally don't take it that way. Look, I cannot stress enough of how much I do not judge women for making that decision. I had a friend in highschool who had an abortion. It wasn't an easy thing for her to decide. When she asked me (after she had the abortion) what *I* thought about it, I told her that though I did Not agree nor did I support what she had done, she was my friend and I still loved her.

You're right when you say that there are MANY different reasons women have abortions. However, one reason/excuse that drives me crazy as far as the "woman's right to choose" argument is the fact that some women stand on the platform of "It's *my* freedom of choice to do to my body what I want". And...they're right. They can do *anything* they want to their own bodies BUT when you're body becomes an incubator for 9 months to another life - a baby, then *that* baby ALSO now has choices of it's own.... it just can't voice them yet. And personally, I think it's hypocritical for those women who say they have the right to choose because it comes off to me as: "I demand my freedom of choice to choose to take *your* (the babies) choice away.". Again, not judging, But it does come off very hypocritical to me. I mean, they can *still* Choose to have an abortion. But just because we (people in general) make a choice doesn't mean it's the right one.

As far as these banners and trucks go. They basically ( as you may have read) want to get the message out to women that these pictures are the reality of what the baby goes through when it is aborted. And hopefully to get the women to change their minds about having one and to choose another way. And to also get the message out that abortion can be/is very damaging to a woman's body. Those *reasons* behind what they do...I have no problem with. MY problem - like I said - is in the WAY they're doing it. If this group is so concerned about the well being of children - born and the unborn - then they need to be more sensitive to what they are PUBLICALLY taking to the skies and on the highways. And that's why this group comes off as hypocritical to me as well.

I agree with Skywalker when he said:
"If people don't want a baby then either a) use birth control in multiple forms b) don't have sex or c) give it up for adoption."

But yes, Benny, you're also right...Birth control is NOT fullproof (our youngest is living proof of *that* - LOL. Sorry, don't mean to give tmi there). But I do believe Skywalker *is* right in the fact that you should always use multiple forms of birth control. And unfortunately, abstenance is ideed becoming more unrealistic in this society. I myself have been saying that more and more in the past couple of years. Though I *can* truthfully say, I can name three people off the top of my head who were virgins when they got married AND to top it off, all three were in their 30's when they tied the knot. Normally, I would have a hard time believing that from someone but I've never known these 3 to be the dishonest type nor have anyone of them ever tried to "hid" anything or be anyone they're not. So it IS possible but it IS - I think - extremely hard.

As far as adoption goes, yes, that is also a very difficult decision to make. BUT soooo many people would love to have a baby and can't. I know couples who would LOVE to adopt. And these days, they have different forms of open adoption. I talked to muddy about this before we got married right after I found out *I* was pregnant with our eldest. We were far from being ready to take care of a baby for MANY reasons. But I never considered abortion even once because my baby had it's own choices to make - I had no power to make it for them. Besides, we were the ones who made an irresponsible choice and I wasn't going to blame the baby for it. Of course, some could make that very same argument in support of *having* an I guess it depends on how you look at it.

Posted by: mrs. muddy at May 13, 2004 11:28 PM
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