July 14, 2006

BBC: Israel Evil, Terrorists Good

Watching the BBC News this morning you would think that Israel was pure evil and that the terrorists (including Syria) were gentle angels. With exception of the short interview with Sami Khiyami the Syrian Ambassador to England when they asked him why they are supporting Hezbollah, to which he replied "we need to support freedom fighters", huh?

Later (much) they talked to Benjamin Netanyahu (very briefly) and he said what sensible people are saying. "We made an agreement with the Lebanese government that they would dismantle Hezbollah and police their own territory and we would pull out giving them full control, we held up our end of the agreement, they have not."
Thus, anyone bitching about Israel and NOT about Hezbollah, Lebanon and Syria should check their facts.
(note, never did I say Israel were without fault ever, I'm only speaking of this current battle)

I love this line: "But some experts warn that the Bush administration's diplomatic options may be stretched too thin to mediate effectively and prevent major bloodletting." from the sfgate.com

They just don't get it, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran DO NOT GIVE A FLYING CRAP about talking!!, their goal is to kill Americans, Israelis and everyone else who is NOT their version of a muslim. Wake up stupid people of the world. You cannot negotiate with terrorists, it, does, not, work. (ever)

Sensible people who are willing to negotiate don't become terrorists (or Muslim extremists), sensible people also do not abandon their own people and then use them as pawns to create hate, anger and war (cough, cough, Syria).

OK, I'm done ranting.

Need to go to work now. :-)

Posted by Muddy at July 14, 2006 07:00 AM


Are you an israeli citizen?

Posted by: mooseboy84 at July 14, 2006 11:44 AM

No sir, just someone who can see the truth. (and is tired of the slant most media outlets take against a country fighting terrorism)

Posted by: Muddy at July 14, 2006 03:42 PM

No sir, just someone who can see the truth.

The truth? Not as well as you think. The Israelis are not fighting terrorism in Lebanon. You are gullible to believe that. This is an ochestrated unjustified land grab just like Palestine. Explain to me why Israel must use biological weapons (outlawed by Geneva convention) against Lebanese civilians to root out Hezbollah.

There are far too many babies with phospherous and other chemical burns for us not to see the true intentions of Israel. They want the river in southern Lebanon and an excuse to occupy that region and they always have.

I pray the Lebanese do not suffer the extended atrocities and terror that are suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of their Israeli oppressors. Israel created the Hezbollah and other terrorist groups by their actions in Palestine. Without their extreme excessive racist genocidal behavior there would have been no extreme movement against them.

Mossad is just as evil as Hamas or Hezbollah and far more powerful, organized, and dangerous.

Posted by: zoe at July 27, 2006 10:21 AM

Welcome Zoe.
There is no Land grab as you believe, it's all a side show to keep the U.S. and the world's attention away from Iran, the real evil at work here.

Where is it being reported that Israel is using chemical weapons?? (real chemical wepons not incindary bombs) I'm not sure what fringe conspiracy site you visited, it is wrong.

If Israel was using a wmd I'd be the first railing against them.

I did a short search using google news and found no real news on that matter.

Whom are you praying to? (just curious, you don't have to answer)

Sorry need to correct you here, Iran and Syria created hezbollah, not Israel. Iran is the one funding hezbollah (60 to 100 Million a year), not Israel.

Extreme, excessive and racist behavior? Sounds like your talking about the Muslim extremists wanting to kill everyone not bowing down to Allah.

Just some thoughts to consider.

Posted by: muddy at July 27, 2006 11:55 AM

the world is evil

Posted by: anonymous at July 30, 2006 04:58 PM

israel, america, hezbollah... you're right. you said terrorists could give a crap about talking. that's right. israel doesn't give a crap about talking either. they have a chance to kill palestines, they do it. when palestines have any excuse to kill they do it too. both sides kill senselessly. i'm not going to check on this forum again.. i just feel like ranting. like you.

Posted by: anonymous at July 30, 2006 05:00 PM

A short search using google news actually finds over a hundred reports of Israel dropping phosporous bombs.

just a thought to consider.

When are Jews and Muslims going to endure before they realise that God isn't on either of their sides?

When are the Muslims going to learn that the righteous fury of Allah isn't much use against Apache helicopter gunships?

And have none of the Israelis stopped to wonder why God's promised land for his Chosen People would be surrounded by millions of angry Muslims?

Posted by: anon at August 8, 2006 02:54 AM

A phosphorous bomb would have to be the size of a B52 to be worth a damn.

Posted by: skywalker at August 8, 2006 05:19 PM

Incendiary bombs are an appropriate way to deal with nutjobs pounding your cities with rockets all day long. You don't go into a knife fight with your fists, you take a gun. Why would Israel want a level playing field? I assume they want to win, therefore logic dictates you bring bigger guns.
Is that not what the cold war was all about?
(mines bigger than yours)

Posted by: muddy at August 8, 2006 10:32 PM

Israel is murdering hundreds of people. They don't care if they bomb a school or a military camp. Weather you work in the army of teach at a school. Israel is not discriminating between men children, women or UN peace-keepers. They bomb them all evenly. and not by accident. All there bombing locations are targets. Every human life killed is a target.

Lets face it. Israel is the bully, and one day the people will work together to seek justice against the terrible war crimes Israel have committed.

I can only hope justice will be served if not now then in the after-life.

The world is not fair, just think if the roles had been reversed. (Jews where living in Israel and Muslims came over and kicked you all out of your land and put you in concentration camps. Just because its written in the holy book that this land was promised to the muslims.) Would you not be angry as your homes and livelihood had just been taken away from you. Everything you worked and lived for stolen?

PS. I'm English and this is my views from what i have read, seen and heard.

Posted by: Johnson at August 19, 2006 08:53 PM

Johnson -

You're intitled to your opinion. No matter how wrong it is. Isreal is defending theirselves PLUS they also gave warnings to the people to leave their towns/villiages that they were about to bomb. They warned them to get out because the whole place was going to be turned to rubble.

That doesn't exactly sound like a people who don't care to me. In fact - I wish al-queida(sp) would have cared so much.

Posted by: mrs. muddy at August 19, 2006 10:24 PM

Johnson: Congratulations on being able to read a newspaper. Problem: the mainstream media typically lies.

Israel is a bully? Okay, if let's say um the Spanish floated over to your island, kidnapped a couple of your soldiers and wouldn't return them (which still has not occurred by the way) would you not be calling for some Spanish heads to roll? Sure you would. Israel has been getting bombed, rocketted, having people kidnapped (Very rarely do the israelis get military targets attacked, virtually always it is a civilian target) since 1948. So gee, I wonder why they are a bit perturbed.

Posted by: skywalker at August 20, 2006 12:46 PM

Zionist extremists not "Jews" (there is a difference) are the only educated people that support the evils of Israel. I say educated because there are many Americans that are plan ignorant about the issue but yet still manage to believe that poor old Israel just minds their own business. Muslim extremists are not all that innocent themselves for their hate that they exhibit on fellow Christian Arab brothers but that it is a different matter. The bottom line is that at least Muslim extremist don't hide there hate behind a wall of lies and half-truths. I cannot say that about those Zionist pigs (yes pigs). The Zionists could give a damn about god or Judaism for that matter. All they want is power and money. The Zionists are the most successful liers in the history of the world. The lied about there right to Palestine, they lie about being innocent, and they lie about being America's best ally - Flip that around America is Israel's best ally and Israel doesn't give a damn about America.

Posted by: The Truth seaker at February 10, 2007 07:20 PM

let s remember it folks, israel occupies territory that belongs to palestinian, israel has occupied libanon till it got kicked by hezbollah, israel is stealing water, ground from palestinians and indeed if i or you were palestinians i and probably you would turn to arms and seek to destroy those invaders.

since war means always a loss to those at wars of course the best option should be negociation.

But so far Israel has never really accepted to negociate and it s becoming increasingly clear that a full fledged war will probably be the only way for palestinians to get their land back.

Unless of course as a direct result of US military intervention in iraq, sunnis and shiits become so obsessed at fighting one against another that israel remain free to oppress forever the palestinians inhabitant and deny forever the right of return to palestinian refugee without due compensation.

Posted by: df at February 21, 2007 01:03 PM

israel is the most evil country on earth, through zionism you control most governments on earth, you bomb the shit out of your surrounding countrys under the guise of defense. basically the majority of the populus of earth is beggining to realise you are the scurge of this planet and need to be wiped out, please go ahead and die no, kthx

death to kikes
death to zionism
death to the jesuit order

long live free humanity

Posted by: jse at January 14, 2008 03:09 PM

"long live free humanity"

With the exception, of course, of everyone you hate.

What can I say? It's just so refreshing to see a comment written from a person so full of love.

Posted by: mrs. muddy at January 14, 2008 07:56 PM

I think it's so ironic how jews were executed, systematically punnished, forced into little concentration camps, lacked (and had to smuggle in) food and water and regarded as second class citizens. Now that they are free, they turn around, invade Palestine, Systematically begin killing palestinians, place them in little 'camps' (i'm referring to the giant wall being built around palestinan land with snipers on each post), administer the worst sorts of apartheid that would put south africa to shame, and block off access to medicine, food and water to palestinians, forcing them to smuggle it in.
Oh the irony of humanity. I guess hitler's work is still being seen in current history. You either die a hero, or live long enough to turn into the monster himself. I'm sure the people who died in the concentration camps would be disgusted to see this inhumane treatment of palestinians from their own brothers. (and yes, Isarelis and Palestinans are related according to the Bible.)

Posted by: Muchacha at January 27, 2009 02:01 PM

(and yes, Isarelis and Palestinans are related according to the Bible.)

First off, aren't we all. (notice that's not a question but a statement)

Secondly, since you referd to the Bible then you should also remember that the Isrealites are God's chosen people. Not that they are perfect. No human being is BUT they are God's chosen AND God promised them the land of Isreal ("milk and honey"). Unfortunately, because we're all living in this world of sin - AND because God has given us all a free will to choose as our birth right, human beings will ALWAYS find a way to screw things up. Even the promises that God has made and given to us. Thankfully, God is much more powerful than that and no one can nor will screw up His plans. The Palestinians have done HORRIBLE things to the children of Isreal and the children of Isreal (although my support is behind them because they have the right to defend themselves AND because they ARE God's chosen ones) have made many mistakes too - JUST like every other race and culture throughout history on the face of the planet.

thridly: I would suggest you read the original article. Not like you would give a crap about the Israelis/Israelites anyway (or so it sounds). The article was about the Israelis protecting themselves from terroists.

Really if you want to put blame on someone? Abraham and Sarah are your best bet. Sarah was the one who told Abraham to make a child with her servant/hand maiden (I'm VERY tierd right now to remember exactly the woman's title - Hagar I *think* was her name. It was someone's name anyway but not the point) because Sarah was too impatient to wait for God's perfect timing of His promise. Which is why Ishmael came into the picture. Well, God ended up blessing Ishmael(sp) too with a nation of people because Ishmael also came from Abraham's seed. However, God clearly states that it was through Isaac that the promise to Abraham from God would be realised.

Isn't is interesting - and tradgic - that because of Sarah's STUPID impatients and idea and because of Abraham's inability to say "NO" to her (at that moment anyway) that all this mess has stemmed from that?! Of course, any human being who would have been in the same position (if any of us could have traded places with them) would have done something just as stupid. Not only did Abraham's two sons inherit the problems of that bad judgement call but billions of people since then (Ishmael's and Isaac's decendants) have suffered from it too AND they had made many mistakes since then to make it worse. Like I said....human nature. It'll "getcha" every time. Who says we don't pay for the sins of our fathers?

Posted by: mrs. muddy at January 29, 2009 10:24 PM

I think what Israel is doing to Palestine is just
very sad and it needs to stop -I am talking, of course, of the religious, cultural, destruction and murder of the Palestinian people. And the fact that American news is dehumanizing Palestinians is also a shame. The Palestinian people who have been displaced or have been affected by the intricate killing machine called Israel with American weapons are victims too -its no wonder that in their frustration and desperation, they find alliance with terrorist organizations; when most of the world is against you, who can you turn for help? When your agitator has an Allie(s) that hold prominent power in the UN, and influence with other nations(the wealthiest and military powerful). When you are evicted from you home with only the close in your back at the mercy of nature, when your brother or sister is killed by a bomb(or all your family) and buried in unmarked graves, while the same Israeli soldier is given an honorable funeral translated in 7 different languages and its the prime time special in the CNN news, wouldn't you fell angry too?. BBC is not sin free(every news media is bias at some point in time), but on the topic of Israel, they have been objective. A shame to any one who thinks Israel is the only victim here, A shame to any one who thinks Israel should "Defend" itself by killing 10 people for every 1 person they lost to a terrorist actions. A shame to the United States for trying to bolster Israel incentives in Peace negotiation unacceptable to any rational, sovereign country in the world. A shame.

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