March 15, 2007

Food safety scrutiny is forcing changes on Ohio Amish bakers

PFEIFFER STATION, Ohio – Not even temperatures hovering below zero or a foot of snow stopped customers from trekking to Mary’s Amish Market for her fruit pies and Swiss cheese.

State regulators are stopping by for another reason.

The country kitchen and other home bakers in an Amish enclave in northwest Ohio have come under scrutiny for selling meats and cheeses without a license and cream pies and pumpkin rolls without the refrigeration required to thwart foodborne stomach illnesses.

Journal Gazette

I'm curious if the fools in the government have ever had Amish food?
We're talking about real food made with whole ingredients normally organic and massively better for you than the processed crap the regulators are probably eating.
If I'm going to an Amish store and buying goods it's assumed they don't have a fridge or any electric, you'd be a moron to expect to see rows of freezers and refrigeration units.

Of course it's well known you have to give up common sense and good judgment to be in government. :-P

Posted by Muddy at March 15, 2007 10:29 AM


"We're talking about real food made with whole ingredients normally organic and massively better for you than the processed crap the regulators are probably eating."

True but they do use refined sugar in their products which is one of the reasons (other than the fact they use a lot of dairy too) I can indulge only a little in eating the foods they make.

Besides, it doesn't matter how natural and organic your ingredients are. Meat eventually spoils and so does dairy and both will produce harmful bacterial and spoil faster if not refrigerated properly. If no one has ever become sick from the products in *her* store then apparently she's doing something right. However, that doesn't seem to be the case in some other Amish stores (at least according to the article) so it sounds as if they're trying to make sure everything *is* properly handled so some sickness *doesn't* happen.

Last but not least, what if some kind of bacteria were to form on one of her food product. All KINDS of people love Amish food but there's always someone out there who will sue for anything over anything. The Amish don't strike me as the sort of people who could survive a law suit financially. Someone could literally "take their farm". I'm even surprising my own self right now because although I'm usually the one mentally blowing the whistle on stupid things our government does on a constant basis....I actually see their point in this case. Of course, *I* could always be misreading and/or missing something but that's the conclusion I've come up with so far.

Posted by: mrs. muddy at March 15, 2007 05:21 PM

that s pathetic.
the government will soon jail us in perfectly clean hospital and force us to request approval before we are allowed to engage into any activity that might harm our health ...
First you had to be told that tobacco is dangerous for your health (as if not obvious from looking at any smoker) and then all the rest

Posted by: df at March 15, 2007 09:11 PM
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