July 13, 2010

Say "Thank You" and mean it

Just a little rant here.
I read a post up on the Wide Island and it got me thinking about something that has been in and out of thought for a few months now.
We don't hear "Thank You" too much any more, at least not in Ohio.

I know it sounds so basic, but it should be an automagic response when your doing business. For instance my local Whole Foods has a great store, clean, well laid out, super friendly people but the one basic thing you don't hear much of is a simple thank you.
Contrast by the Chick-fil-a's in town is a night and day difference in attitude. They welcome you when you enter, are very polite in service and always say thank you when you pay.
If you think about this economy and how badly all business need to not only get new customers but keep their old ones, how much an earnest and simple thank you can go.

Posted by Muddy at July 13, 2010 01:18 AM

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