May 30, 2011

How To: PowerAMP playlists

So I have this great app called PowerAMP
on my Galaxy S phone.
Everything it does is fantastic, except for the playlists.
They get wiped out if you reboot the phone, which I do daily due to the custom rom I use has some video quirks.
So, I figured why not try to make my own playlist in Audacious and save it on the phone to see if it works, it does.
Connect up your phone and mount it via usb like normal. Open up Audacious (or whatever program you winders/apple folks use) and click the files you want to put into the play list. Save the playlist to the folder your music is kept. Open the file in your favorite text editor that has a replace function like gedit.
Replace all the text that relates to your computer and leave the parts that relate to your phone, for example.
My playlist had lines like :
Well my music was in the /music/jpop directory on the phone so I used the replace function in my text editor to remove the path that was part of my computer, replaced /media/16G/music with nothing and ended up with ;
Since the playlist file was in the music folder already there was no need to put that in the path.

*edit 2011/06/08*
Seems the playlists you create in this manner are also prone to be magically deleted by the Android OS.
Working on a workaround for my workaround.

Posted by Muddy at May 30, 2011 11:39 AM