June 08, 2011

iCloud = I don't think so

So Apple announced the iCloud, which has all kinds of great images and industry buzz words to make it sound like the second coming.
Reality is a bit different.
Sure Apple fan boys will latch onto the tit of iCould and suckle till the milk runs out, but that does not mean it will succeed in the mass market.

What is the purpose of the "if you have it, scan it and we'll add it to your library" feature if it's NOT to get you your music on the go?
I have stream furious, DI app, Google listen and many other music and audio streaming apps, but guess what? It's the almost 16g of music I loaded onto my phone that get's 95% of my listening time.
I can already stream my entire music collection to my phone anywhere but don't.
Quality and reliability.
Would you rather listen to a 500kbps song with crisp highs, tight lows and clear mids, or a stream that cuts out frequently and at 64-128kbps sounds like a cheap fm radio?
I think it's a no brainier.
Now I know not everyone likes their music to sound good, which is why iCloud will have customers.
People who live in a perfect world and have perfect bandwidth on the phones, tablets and mobile devices will have a joyous time.
The rest of us in the real world will either avoid this all together or try it and realize it's too soon for something like this.

Posted by Muddy at June 8, 2011 09:46 PM