October 31, 2002

I Love Madden!

Well I've been playing waaaayyyy to much Madden 2002 on my computer this past week, I think I'm addicted.

I am on season 3 now, with an overall record against the computer of 61-1, not too bad considering it's on All-Pro mode, with all modifiers on normal.

I bought and tried Madden 2003 but found it is horrible, the movement of the players is so cartoonish and the sounds are about the quality of a Atari 2600 game. So I got rid of it.

Madden 2002 is by far better, plus it has my custom team from the old World Football League, the Ohio Glory.. which I was able to recreate with accuracy, thanks to the one pic I found on the net of a Ohio Glory player.

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October 22, 2002

Happy Birthday Sis!

It's my sisters b-day today! Happy Birthday Kiki!

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October 20, 2002

Steelers vs. Colts

Don't forget monday night football brings my favorite team to prime time!
The Colts have to go to Heinz Field on a Monday Night game, not a favorable position to be in. I'm just hoping the Steelers defense shows up this time, I have complete faith in Maddox as I've had since he joined the team two years ago. I have been saying "put Maddox in" since day one.. he's an impressive QB and has a wicked arm. Go Steelers!

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October 19, 2002

New Desktop Shot

With all the wonderful icon sets, wallpapers and such for KDE, it's hard not to change things around now and again... so here's my latest setup.

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October 16, 2002

Ohio encourages debate on evolution

Schools could address ‘intelligent design’ as alternative

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 15 — The state school board said Tuesday it will adopt a science curriculum that leaves it up to school districts whether to teach the concept of “intelligent design,” which holds that the universe is guided by a higher intelligence.

THE BOARD voted unanimously in favor of the standards, which emphasize both evolution and critical analysis of the theory. It will adopt them formally in December.
The standards put into writing what many school districts already do — teach evolution, but also explain that there is debate over the origin of life.
“In no way does this advocate for creation or intelligent design,” said Michael Cochran, a board member who had pushed for the concept to be included in the standards. “I do look upon this as a compromise.”
The decision follows weeks of behind-the-scenes talks to reach an agreement with members who wanted alternative theories to evolution to be put of an equal footing with Darwin’s theory.
In January, Ohio became the latest battleground in the debate over what high school biology students should know about evolution.
Supporters of intelligent design included some conservative groups that had tried and failed to get biblical creation taught in public schools. Critics of intelligent design said it is creationism in disguise.

From msnbc.com

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Hellllllooooooooooooooooo out there...?

Well, I'll introduce myself. I'm Derek Greene, I'm hailing all of you out of Atlanta. I'm pretty knowledgable on all things hardware and I'm a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Engineering. Oh and I'll soon be Private Derek Greene, USMC.

That's all for now folks, when the ball gets rolling, you'll here more from me.

Derek G.

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October 14, 2002

What's to come

Well, moveabletype is finally working as you can see. I'll be taking down mp3-777.com and putting up muddysmind.com once I have it ready to go.. which I'm hoping is in 2-3 weeks.
I'll have my music and maybe more available on the new site, as well as some linux help stuff.

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The Enterprise is here!

Ben sent me this fantastic shot of the U.S.S. Enterprise as it came through a wormhole into Columbus last night.

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October 13, 2002

New Desktop Screen

Ok Since I'm playing around here, I figured I'd try uploading a pic :-)


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Introducing the latest hacker exploit: War Phoning

By John Leyden
Posted: 10/11/2002 at 12:29 EST

Bluetooth-enabled phones and PDAs with inadequate security could become the target of the next wave of security exploits, allowing phreakers to filch confidential information or even make calls using someone else's identity.

Such War Phoning exploits, as they have been dubbed, arise because security features on Bluetooth-enabled devices are sometimes turned off by default, ZDNet reports.

Early reports of the phenomenon come from this week's RSA Security conference, in Paris.

"I have stood at the RSA booth in conferences, with my phone paging for other devices, and watched other people's devices show up," Magnus Nystrom, technical director of RSA Security, told ZDNet.

He reports that many devices permitted access without requesting a "pairing code", opening the door to all manner of abuse - stealing personal data of passers-by or even making calls on other phones - in the hands of the unscrupulous. ®

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