September 30, 2004

Connie Rice: Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates

Thanks to divine for the link to this.

The Tavis Smiley Show, September 29, 2004 · After weeks of political wrangling, Sen. John Kerry and President Bush will square off for the first of three key presidential debates. Both camps have agreed to an elaborate, 32-page contract that spells out everything from the size of the dressing rooms to permitted camera angles.

But the controversy over the debates threatens to overshadow the events themselves. Some citizen groups complain that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) isn't as non-partisan as it should be, and that Kerry and Bush won't be pressed on urban issues. Commentator Connie Rice says that's just the tip of the iceberg, and she's got another Top 10 list -- this time: Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates.

Read Full Story @ NPR

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September 29, 2004

Wild ride to space... and back

SpaceShipOne safely landed in California's Mojave Desert today, after a brief, wild ride to suborbital space. The craft rolled more than 30 times shortly after the rockets fired, but pilot Mike Melvill shut off the engines and kept going up. Radar showed the flight reached 358,000 feet -- well above the 62.5 miles needed for the $10 million X Prize.
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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Microsoft to Release Third Open-Source Project
Published on: Wednesday, 29 September 2004, 09:53 GMT

MicrosoftWatch: The Redmond software firm is set to make available more of its code under an open-source license on Tuesday.

Microsoft is preparing to release a third piece of code under an open-source license via the SourceForge code repository on Tuesday.

Both Microsoft and SourceForge have been hinting for some time that they plan to release more code this way. Earlier this year, Microsoft made its Windows Installer XML and Windows Template Library technologies available under the Common Public License (CPL), a bona fide open-source license.


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SpaceShipOne set to begin bid for X Prize

A team of entrepreneurs will try to blast a rocket plane into space Wednesday in the first of two flights required to win the Ansari X Prize, a $10 million award aiming to boost commercial space travel.

SpaceShipOne, the creation of Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan, will be lifted off an airstrip in Mojave, Calif., at 6 a.m. PT with the help of a carrier plane. The vehicle, capable of traveling three times the speed of sound, will then fire its rocket and head toward zero gravity — about 62 miles above the Earth.

"We're all very confident," Rutan said Tuesday, quickly adding, "Anything can happen, though. ... The fact that this has gone so well — I pinch myself. I wouldn't have believed we'd be here today."

X Prize rules say that a team must send an occupied, reusable craft into space twice in two weeks. SpaceShipOne is scheduled for another flight on Monday, five days after the first launch. Rutan declined to disclose the pilot's name.

A non-profit group called the X Prize Foundation is offering the $10 million prize to encourage the development of a commercial space industry. The prize has gone unclaimed for eight years, but SpaceShipOne is considered the most serious contender yet.

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September 28, 2004

'Grandpa' seeking family gets adopted

Finally, some feel good news. For once.

A lonely pensioner who turned to Italy's classified pages to find someone willing to "adopt" him as a grandfather is finally heading to his new home and family in northern Italy this weekend.

Giorgio Angelozzi, 80, has lived alone outside Rome with seven cats since his wife died in 1992, but he took the unprecedented step of putting himself up for adoption last month via the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

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September 25, 2004

Worst Pick-Up Line Ever

I almost came to tears over this, was taking my weekly read through and came across this gem.

"Baby did you fart, 'cause you blow me away!" because nothing says "hot date" like a reference to gas

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September 24, 2004

Review: Star Wars DVD Trilogy - *Updated*

For those of your who do not know, I am a huge Star Wars fan. As such, I had to get the DVDs!

The first thing I must say is that the quality is unprecedented. If you didn't know already that these are 21+ year old movies, you wouldn't by watching the DVDs. To top that off, the Dolby 5.1 surround sound really adds to the experience.

Tos peak specifically about that, I love my surround sound system. It is a middle of the road Kenwood system that I bought on clearance about 2 years ago. It has pretty good clarity and sound quality, and explosions sound like they'r ein the same room with you due to the subwoofer. Star Wars of course takes every advantage of this. When the Death Star exploded, the bass nearly lifted me out of my chair!

For those of you who watched the George Lucas interviews at the beginning of the THX trilogy, you'll nkow that anytime you're watching from inside a fighter, that is a drawn overlay and has a level of transparency. Gone. They look more realistic than ever.

Laser blasted are much more clear, the light sabers are much more sword like than ever before. In fact, having only watched in 4:3 VHS before, I've never seen the actual laser blast when Han shoots Greedo in the Cantina at Mos Eisley. I have seen it now.

Now the bad stuff.

My first gripe is that the movies only include the special edition version of the movies. For what you pay for the box set, and for the amoount of space a dvd contains, I thought that was rather annoying.

Along with this, why not include 4:3 and 16.9 in one set, instead of making us choose? There is no doubt that with in the next few years, widescreen HDTVs will be cheap enough that any could afford them, why make people choose between the formats now. This is a gripe I have with most DVDs. Either release only in 16.9 or include both ont he DVD.

Last gripe, with the amount of unused space on the DVDs, why a seperate one altogether for bonus materials? Why not distribute them to the other DVDs so that you get episode specific bonus materials, instead of lumping htem altogether?

At any rate, I highly recommend the set. The quality is great, the artwork is beautiful, if you are or are not a star wars fan, you can't go wrong watching these.

Other things I've noticed: Luke's lightsaber in "A New Hope"now looks more likethe green one from "Return of the Jedi."

David Prowse is no longer Anakin Skywalker in the shot at the end of "Return of the Jedi" with the 3 ghosts." Hayden Christiansen is now in it. I'm not sure how thrilled I am with this fact.

Some of the dialogue between the Emperor and Vader has change in "The Empire Strikes Back" is new.

Ian McDirmand is the Emporer in all three episodes now, or at least it would appear so. Originall he was only in the latter 2.

If anyone has corrections or more updates please post them!

I also just watched part of ROTJ on my computer to take advantage of the high definition and the difference between it and any other new movie is nearly none.

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Bush: No backing down

In news conference with Iraqi leader, he says U.S. withdrawal would free 'terrorists' for attacks elsewhere

WASHINGTON - Denying he has painted too rosy a picture of Iraq, President George W. Bush said yesterday that terrorists could "plot and plan attacks elsewhere, in America and other free nations," if U.S. forces were withdrawn. He said he would consider sending more troops if asked, but Iraq's interim leader said firmly that they weren't needed.

Bush and Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, standing in the Rose Garden under a bright sun, agreed that Iraq is making steady progress despite bombings, beheadings and violence that has claimed the lives of more than 1,000 Americans and many more Iraqis.

"On television sets around the world we see acts of violence; yet in most of Iraq, children are about to go back to school, parents are going back to work and new businesses are being opened," Bush said.

Allawi said 14 or 15 of Iraq's 18 provinces "are completely safe."

Full Story @

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September 23, 2004

New web browser?

Browsing a la Google?

Posted by Harry McCracken
Thursday, September 23, 2004, 08:23 AM (PST)

Word on the Web is that Google may be thinking of releasing a Web browser--possibly one based on the open-source Mozilla code. The company now owns, a URL that would certainly make a logical companion to GMail's home at

cwilli note: I just recently got an invite for Gmail. I must say I love it! I get 1 GIG of storage for email for FREE!!!! The sad part is my non-techie wife was the one who invited me. How in the world did she get an account before I did?

With the introduction of GMail, the recent purchase of photo software company Picasa, and other moves, Google is clearly branching out from its traditional role as the Greatest Search Engine on Earth; there's also been talk of it releasing a hard-disk searching utility of some sort, which would pit it more directly against Microsoft in the world of systems software.

What Google does, it usually does not just competently but inventively--GMail proved, to my surprise, that you can still build a better browser-based e-mail client. But I do worry a little bit about cool companies that try to do everything; it's tough to do that and do everything well.

That's one of the lessons of the portal wars of the late 1990s, when search engines such as Yahoo, Lycos, and Excite reinvented themselves into one-stop megasites that were often hit-or-miss in terms of quality. When Google came along and did great Web searching, pure and simple, it quickly became the gold standard in its category. If GBrowser does come to be, it'll be interesting to see if it's simply a rebranded Mozilla with a few minor tweaks, or a truly innovative product. Stay tuned...

Visit the source of this article here

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September 21, 2004

I'm stooping to a new low

I can't take this B.S. anymore I have to call it like I see it.

John Kerry is a world class AssHat and is trying to lose this race.

Skywalker and I agree the Clintons are making sure he loses (albeit in a close race) so Hillary can run against a Republican (and not the incumbent Democrat) in 2008.

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Muddy's Bread Recipe

Ok, since lots of people like my bread here and DF has had some trouble.
I'm gonna hook you all up.
First this is intended to be made in a bread machine (dough only).

Use organic ingredients where possible.

Makes a single 1 1 /2 lb. Loaf

Whole Wheat Flour 3 Cups
Wheat Gluten 1 1 /2 tbsp
Yeast 1 1 /8 tsp (or I use a well rounded tsp)
Sea Salt 3/4 tsp
Honey or Maple Syrup 4 tbsp (if using honey Orange Clover Honey rocks!)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or your choice of oil) 1 1 /2 tbsp
water (filtered) 1 3/8 cup

Slap this stuff in the bread machine and put it on dough mode.

Preheat oven to 350 and butter up a bread loaf pan (I use glass) pull dough out of bread machine and toss is between your hands to get it into an oblong shape. (make sure you cover hands in flour to prevent sticking)
Drop it in the pan. Bake for 15 minutes then pull out cover with aluminum foil or another bread pan upside down and bake for 25 minutes more.

Pop it out and wait 5-10 minutes cut off a slice lightly butter and enjoy some kick butt bread. w00t!

*note add your recipes to the comments and share the love. :-)

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September 19, 2004

New Poll

New Poll up and it's a question I've often wondered about.

What is most important when Voting in November?

People vote for many different reasons, I've listed I believe the most popular.
I know many who vote party, which I think is rather blind and ignorant. However voting for "anyone but Bush" would tip the scale as slightly more blind and ignorant.
There are more choices in this election than two.
In fact there are 15 candidates this November without counting the independents. has the full list for those interested.

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Dan Rather's forgery fit

Seems ol' Dan is being the strong captain, going down with a sinking ship. :-P

CBS News and anchorman Dan Rather have entered the journalistic equivalent of one of Dante's circles of Hell, forced to live forever with a scandal they created. With their Texas Air National Guard forgeries, they now live in a neighborhood of national media embarrassments. Faked Food Lion resumes. Staged GM pickup truck explosions. Janet Cooke's profile of Jimmy the 8-year-old coke addict. Jayson Blair's phony travelogues from "West Virginia."

Watergate was a scandal Mr. Rather thoroughly enjoyed since he built his career on ripping into Richard Nixon. Now, Rather is Nixon, a bitter, vengeful man who allowed his friends to use dirty tricks against his political opponents and, when caught, can only deny, deny, deny and bluster about the evil intentions of his enemies.

Full Story @

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September 18, 2004

Super Size Me Baby!

Wow, I watched Super Size Me and it's everything I expected and more. In case your wondering what I expected I'll tell you. Since our family left the grocery store and switched to the health food store (Wild Oats in case you care) it's opened my eyes. I didn't even know what organic was until that time. I also stopped eating all fast food. (except some subway cause they have kickin' veggie patties!) I fully understood before this movie how harmful and destructive the average American diet was. However the numbers were amazing, in just thirty days his cholesterol jumped up 60+ points! In addition to the damage it was doing to his liver. Quite Amazing indeed. I'd highly suggest you watch this movie, however it's not suitable for children so don't watch it on family night. :-)
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September 16, 2004

Fuel Survey

I was just wondering why people chose what they chose on the automotive fuel survey. Please just post why you answered the way that you did. Argumentitive and offtopic posts will be deleted as such.

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The always elegant Teresa

"let them go naked for a while"

I tell you what, it brings a tear to my eye every time she opens her mouth. We'd be blessed to have such a silk tongued first lady.
Such caring and compassion, to put it all out there. "Screw the little brats, at least they will have water, let em' all go naked!" she poetically said.
It really hit home how wonderful she would be for our country when calling local businesses for donations one asked her if she had donated any of her billions. she kindly said "it's not money I give but my love".

Real Story @ Yahoo! News

*this article has been heavily laced with sarcasm and satire

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September 15, 2004

ABC slams CBS, NBC says Acronyms rule!

Casting Further Doubt
Document Analysts: CBS News Ignored Concerns About Disputed Bush Military Records

Sept. 14, 2004— Two of the document experts hired by CBS News say the network ignored concerns they raised prior to the broadcast of a report citing documents that questioned George W. Bush's service in the National Guard during the Vietnam War.
The authenticity of the documents in the report by CBS News' 60 Minutes II has been widely questioned. The documents were allegedly written by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, who died in 1984.

Emily Will, a veteran document examiner from North Carolina, told ABC News she saw problems right away with the one document CBS hired her to check the weekend before the broadcast.

"I found five significant differences in the questioned handwriting, and I found problems with the printing itself as to whether it could have been produced by a typewriter," she said.

Will says she sent the CBS producer an e-mail message about her concerns and strongly urged the network the night before the broadcast not to use the documents.

"I told them that all the questions I was asking them on Tuesday night, they were going to be asked by hundreds of other document examiners on Thursday if they ran that story," Will said.

But the documents became a key part of the 60 Minutes II broadcast questioning President Bush's National Guard service in 1972. CBS made no mention that any expert disputed the authenticity.

"I did not feel that they wanted to investigate it very deeply," Will told ABC News.

Full Story @

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New piece for my deviantArt page has been posted. I was trying to capture the reflections in the human eye, I'd say it turned out ok.

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September 13, 2004

Teachers Back Away From Red Ink

Ok, I thought we were starting to move away from the touchy-feely garbage and were supposed to be getting back to the basics.
Now we can't grade papers in red because it's a non-positive color? What next? We stop having gym class because some fat ol' lazy TV watching kids might feel uncomfortable ?

Give me a break.

Article below :

An F is an F, but failure seems so much friendlier when it comes in purple.

A growing number of the nation’s educators are stocking up on purple pens for grading papers and passing on the traditional red, which they say can be intimidating and damaging to a student’s self-confidence.

"Teaching should always be a positive practice. Red seems to stand out in such a negative way," said Dorothy Porteus, school support specialist with the New York Charter Schools Association. “Little guys internalize the red and it doesn’t make them feel good.”

Full Story @

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September 12, 2004

I was looking at this...


and said to myself, "Holy Crap that thing is huge!"

That is all.

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September 11, 2004

A Moment of Silence


This September 11th will remember our fallen brothers and sisters with a moment of silence.

Please post only a period (.) as your moment of silence.

Anyone who posts anything other than a period will be banned.

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September 10, 2004

CNN Lists Tax Rankings

I'll just go ahead and bring you my favorite part of this article:

"Five states have no personal income tax, and at least two of them, Florida and Nevada, are among the fastest-growing in the nation."

By the way, those 2 states, along with Tennessee, Texas and Hawaii rely completely upon Sales and excise taxes, which, if done right do not hurt the poor as the article states. Explain to me how a poor person is going to be hurt by a 6% sales tax on a $500 TV? They're not, since they're poor and can't afford it! If they're truly poor, they simply can not afford the things that are ebing taxed. In mos tof these states, food is not taxed and clothing has a minimal tax.

Under the Fairtax plan, new cars would be taxed, used cars would not. Everyone would recieve a monthly refund for the estimated amount that a family of their size would need for food and clothing for the month. My family and I (middle class family, making combined 80-100k among 4 incomes mind you) have run the numbers, and we would go from having no disposable income whatsoever to having a respectable amount of it! As it stands now, our disposable income happened once a year when we get our tax returns.

To be competitive in the future, we simply are going to have to restructure the way we collect taxes.

No would someone explain to me how John Kerry's plan of raising taxes and the minimum wage is going to 'fix' our economy (which is already growing)?

Read the article at CNN Money

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September 09, 2004

Are you really Liberal/Conservative?

Taking note from Cwilli over at Politically Retarded I took the quiz and it says I'm a Libertarian. Who knew?
Give it a shot, takes about one minute.

World's Smallest Political Quiz

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What's wrong with this picture?

A buddy of mine had me check out a listing for an expensive house in Danville, CA.
Now it's not the house that was so interesting but the 3rd picture down, something is not quite right and the photographer should have noticed. :-)


Click Here

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September 08, 2004

Almost to tears..

Reading stupid computer user stories on 3rd shift has become a daily must do.

Today's almost brought me to tears.

Once I overheard the guy in the tech support cubicle next to mine patiently explain:

* Tech Support: "No, sir...clicking on 'Remember Password' will NOT help you remember your password."

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Your Tax Dollars at Work

NASA probe close to Hollywood encounter PASADENA, California (Reuters) - Two Hollywood stunt pilots and a space capsule full of stardust were on track for a historic mid-air encounter above the Utah desert at the end of a three-year mission to probe the origins of the solar system. The Genesis spacecraft was expected to swing by Earth on Wednesday and jettison a capsule containing particles that may yield insights about the early formation of planets.

I don't know what they are going to think up next. Capturing space dust and then when the satellite returns to earth catch it with a hook hanging off a helicopter... uh.. their board.
Someone give these people some work to do so they quit wasting our tax dollars, goofing off in space. Sheesh!

Full Story @ Reuters

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September 06, 2004

Just For My Friend DF :-)

I've moved the "Muddy's Pages" up the right side to the top for DF since he can't scroll.
Hope that helps you find the forums man, let me know if you have any other problems navigating my site. ;-)

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September 03, 2004

Off Topic Comments

I would like to ask that off-topic posts please be placed into the rather under used forums. They're there for just such a purpose.

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Clinton to Undergo By-pass

I just would like to state that our thoughts and prayers are with Former President Bill Clinton and his family as he undergoes by-pass surgery for a "Significant blockage."

As someone who has gone through this with a family member it is a scary thing, but usually a very successful and uneventful surgery - though when I went through it was many years ago. I was much younger and the surgery was not as well-versed into doctors as it is now.

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Articles of Christian doctrine


I was hoping to find someday the writings of Martin Luther, and I have.
This is some very good stuff here, if you get the chance to read do so.
I only had time for a wee bit of reading but what I took in was excellent.

The Smalcald Articles, Martin Luther (1537) in HTML

His boldness I did not fully understand however reading this sentence, "That the Mass in the Papacy must be the greatest and most horrible abomination, as it directly and powerfully conflicts with this chief article, and yet above and before all other popish idolatries it has been the chief and most specious."

I understand more the hatred the so called church had held against him.

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Microsoft Proves Marketing Can Sell Anything

Microsoft proving once again the old theory that you can sell anything if your marketing is good enough. Microsoft also proves that the American public at large is dumb. You remember saying “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”.
I think the modern version is "Buy a person a Microsoft product; you will have to buy the next version, and next, and next and pay for yearly license fees. Show a person the beauty and power of Linux and grow the community and never buy software again."

Yea baby, Tux rules.

I get a chuckle from M$ and their Marketing machine. "We're going to leave holes in your OS for a year while we work on this new service pack 2". Then... "SP2 has been delayed several months, oh.. btw there are 5,681 new holes and security flaws we discovered.. but that'll be fixed in the next service pack as well". The part we've all been waiting for, "SP2 is here.!" and they all rejoiced, but wait. "SP2 uh... causes more problems than it fixed".


Report: SP2 Problems Impact 10 Percent of Windows XP PCs

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September 02, 2004

On a softer note.

Since I'm a little sick of everyone arguing in circles, I've decided to start posting a few of my more varieties articles: computer stuff!

I've been working on setting up my IPCOP box for use with a wireless network (amazingly, not a simple feat. I'll post a howto on that soon enough, though I may end up abandoning ipcop as a distribution and go to a customized Gentoo box as my router/firewall.

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September 01, 2004

Hundreds Held Hostage at Russian School

BESLAN, Russia - Armed militants with explosives strapped to their bodies stormed a Russian school in a region bordering Chechnya (news - web sites) on Wednesday, corralling hundreds of hostages — many of them children — into a gymnasium and threatening to blow up the building if surrounding Russian troops attacked. At least two people were killed, including a school parent.

Camouflage-clad special forces carrying assault rifles encircled Middle School No. 1 in the North Ossetian town of Beslan. Earlier, a little girl in a flowered dress fled the school holding a soldier's hand; officials said about a dozen other people managed to escape by hiding in a boiler room.

Full Story @ Yahoo! News

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