November 28, 2005

UK May resort to lopping off heads

A GOVERNMENT agency is launching an inquiry into doctors’ reports that up to 50 babies a year are born alive after botched National Health Service abortions.

The investigation, by the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health (CEMACH), comes amid growing unease among clinicians over a legal ambiguity that could see them being charged with infanticide.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, which regulates methods of abortion, has also mounted its own investigation.

Its guidelines say that babies aborted after more than 21 weeks and six days of gestation should have their hearts stopped by an injection of potassium chloride before being delivered. In practice, few doctors are willing or able to perform the delicate procedure.

Times Online

This is just ****** sickening. "Doctors are increasingly uneasy about aborting babies who could be born alive." How can they want to murder in the first place?, it's like saying I took a gun and shot my 10 year old but the 9 year old was just too young for me to kill like that. No different.
I really would like to see the suicide statistics for abortion doctors and staff. I really can't fathom how one could do such things and live life like everthing's ok. -Ed

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Yet another example socialism is not better than capitolism

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While researching Christmas

I found this gem.

Dionysius Exiguus

Dionysius Exiguus, a monk from Russia who died about 544, was asked by Pope John I to set out the dates for Easter from the years 527 to 626. It seems that the Pope was keen to produce some order in the celebration of Easter. Dionysius decided to begin with what he considered to be the year of Jesus' birth. He chose the year in which Rome had been founded and determined, from the evidence known to him, that Jesus had been born 753 years later.

He was almost certainly acquainted with a suggestion by Hippolytus (170–236) that the date of Jesus' birth was December 25, but the trouble was that Hippolytus had not backed up this claim with sound arguments. Dionysius, however, had just the argument:

* His contemporaries claimed that God created the earth on March 25.
* It was inconceivable that the son of God could have been in any way imperfect.
* Therefore Jesus must have been conceived on March 25.
* This meant that he must have been born nine months later—December 25.

(Dionysius also concluded that, as a perfect being, Jesus could not have lived an incomplete life so he must have died on March 25 as well!)

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Microsoft: Linux is anti-commercial

References to free software and Linux were removed from a UN document after Microsoft claimed that such software aims to 'make it impossible to make any income on software as a commercial product'

Microsoft asked for references to free software to be removed from a document presented at last week's UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) conference, the software giant admitted on Friday.

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is unhappy that the document was changed and claims that even though it was on the panel discussing the document, it was not made aware of Microsoft's changes.

The document, known as the Vienna Conclusions, discusses issues around IT and creativity. The original draft of the document discussed how the free software model is changing the way people do business.

Full Story @
ZDNet UK News

The best part was the info I found on FSFE's website which put a spotlight on M$'s trick. -Ed

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if (Windows Rules) then (Linux fails)

Part of the problem with the documentation and identification issues I talked about last week - and will talk about more later - is that it is very hard to separate information from disinformation.

Disinformation comes in three major forms:

1. innocent mistakes;
2. intentional disinformation (aka FUD); and,
3. (self) delusion.

Delusions are easily the most dangerous of these. In the IT context the most common delusion is simply that what we know is right in general or applicable to some specific issue when, in reality, it isn't. We know, and we act accordingly - with frequently catastrophic results.

FUD, taken as the art of spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt, is at its most dangerous when it plays on existing certainties to reinforce delusion.

A recent report by Security Innovation comparing Windows and Linux seems to fall squarely into that category.

Full Story @

It's funny how windows folks spin studies, surveys and other data driven reporting.
This takes a in depth look at one such report and the problems with it. Being a "nix geek myself I found it sad and funny, enjoy. -Ed

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November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a bit late but better than never.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable day, I know mine was rememberable. :-)


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November 14, 2005

Ward breaks Record!

Hines Ward is now the receiving leader breaking the previous Steelers mark set by John Stallworth (HOF). Ward jumped passed John Stallworth when he caught his 538th career pass. It's my guess and assumption that Hines will also make the HOF here in Canton, OH. Maybe one day I'll get to witness him being inducted, that would be huge.

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November 02, 2005

Daily Thoughts

After listening to the news while working today I have some thoughts.

1. Nuke Iran now, get it over with as it won't be any easier in the future.

2. Find who leaked the intel about the secret prisons and eliminate them, asshats who leak black ops info are traitors and need to go bye bye .

3. Washington (Rep & Dem alike) STFU and do your job. Which by the way does not include acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.

4. India, how about that water supply? I think if I open a water desalinization facility now, in about ten years I'll be a very rich man.

5. Someone has got to share the secret with Barbara Boxer that less (makeup) is more, holy crap I thought that was Tammy Faye Baker when I glanced up to the screen.

6. Last but not least, Hey France, do you need us to send over the L.A.P.D. to put the smack down on that uprising?

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