Comments: Disney to Start Renting 'Self-Destructing' DVDs

This is just Stupid. 1st of all, let's put Blockbuster and every other rental shop out of business. 2nd of all let's pollute our dumps with more plastic and trash, like we don't have enough.
3rd. Will someone please explain to these morons that the digital age is here and downloading is where it's at, not more garbage to carry home from the store.

Posted by muddy at May 19, 2003 02:16 AM

What is this? The "mission impossible" DVD? Hey, Sweetie, I actually agree with you on ALL accouts...BUT, you have to remember, that these people at Disney are not as highly evolved as the rest of us are...So maybe, we should even cut them some slack and give them a little bit more time to catch up to the rest of us who actualy know HOW to live in the 21st century. Just a thought:)

Posted by mrs. muddy at May 20, 2003 12:36 AM

Well well well, disney, here is a great company with an ace for a CEO.. FIrst off, the idea of polluting our sorry planet any more than we have to is a bad idea. It would be better if we could send the disks back to disney and let there sorry butts recycle them into more disks. Now some of you seemed shocked that disney would do something like this, well i'm not supporised at all, i think they are one of the worst companies in the world. I mean, who sells the winning world series team, just months after they won the big series. I understand the value, but come on, they are gunna make the playoffs again this year, and create so much money, from ticket sells, to merchandize and hot dogs.. i can't believe this, next they'll sell the rights to the ep crap center...

Posted by Kevin at June 4, 2003 07:14 PM
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