Comments: The fear war against Linux

ONce again the big ones push for enclosure. They hate the idea that fields and forest may be open to communities. Barriers. They need barriers everywhere. Patents on software, patents on genes, humans, plants and animals, patents on meical treatments (drugs ?), copy rights on music...
We have the opportunity to create a society where most of the creation is decentralised. Some industry majors don't want to see that happen. Keep in centralised they beg. Leave us the big profits. Better microsoft office, new kids on the blocks and other marketed products, than any creation by people at home, with the help of their friends.
Please no diversity they ask. Leave us the possibility to keep the global consumers focused on the products we market.
Have you noticed how often competition is rare, with 3 leaders holding 80 % of the market.

That move against linux was a bad one, next thing they will do is tell you that LInux is dangerous, you should not trust your friends and foreigners, but only companies certified by the government, like microsoft, intel and Gillette, working hand in hand to help the central monitoring of everybody's action. There's no choice. That's a 9/11 afternath.
If it is easy becoming easy to create a software, if the government has no control of this, it will serve the terrorsits. Let's say that this will be the main consequence.
Let's face it. Linux users are the terrorists main allies.

Posted by definitelyfrench at May 26, 2003 11:05 AM

lol, well some interesting points bro.
However I'll keep on fighting against Micro$oft and scum of the earth like them as long as I can.

Posted by muddy at May 26, 2003 01:14 PM

It's finally getting obvious that linux is about to take over. Microsoft is taking notice big time and because of the way open source software works they can't buy out the competition. I never really believed that free software could really win outright(as opposed to coexisting), but I'm really starting to believe. If Microsoft is scared then we must be making some serious ground.

Posted by padlamoij at June 8, 2003 02:51 AM
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