Comments: 'Free' Linux movement should end (uh?)

if this can help Muddy, I can tell you I've read posts from people who actually believed :
- War against Irak would improve the national security of the USA
- Irak had weapons of massive destructions dangerous for the western world that the UN inspections would never be able to destroy.
- Iraki would be happy and willing to rebuild their country hand in hand one with another and with their american liberators.

Since then, some terrorist bombings have happened, no weapons have been found (perhaps there were none or very little), irakis though happy to be free from Saddam find it hard to work together and to work with US troops...

Rather than suggesting professional help, i would guess that this person is living in an environment who has strong interests to see linux fail (say corporate software industry) leading that person to believe and reinforce all the false messages it gets from its environment.
So my advice would be quit microsoft - the USA- or at least, try to listen to other channels than Microsoft papers - fox TV and cross compare informations.

Posted by definitely french at May 26, 2003 11:20 AM

which not who... and other errors.
I love this game

Posted by definitelyfrench at May 26, 2003 11:22 AM
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